What to do with quarantine fees

Revenue NSW collect unpaid fees on behalf of the NSW Government, but you may be exempt from paying them.

All travellers (NSW residents and non-NSW residents) required to enter into an approved quarantine facility provided by the NSW Government under the public health orders, will be liable for and charged a quarantine fee.

When you receive an invoice from Revenue NSW you must:

  • Pay the invoice by the due date or
  • Enter into a payment arrangement or
  • Apply for a Fee waiver
When should you do this?

The Australian and NSW Governments have limited circumstances that exempt a person from mandatory quarantine in an approved facility. An application for exemption should be made before entering Australia or if travelling interstate during periods of cross border restrictions.

  • If you do not have an approved exemption you will be directed to Quarantine on arrival and Quarantine Fees will be applied. Consideration to waive these fees may be given in the following circumstances:
  • If you purchased your airfare prior to the relevant quarantine fees announcement. Go to the Revenue NSW webpage for these details.
  • If you were in transit from an international flight, and stayed in NSW for less than 48 hours. A pro-rata fee will be charged for stays greater than 48 hours and less than 14 days.
  • If you are part of a declared flight crew on an international flight flagged as exempt, including medivac and air ambulance crew.
  • If you are a Foreign Diplomatic staff member.
  • If you are a Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) and Seasonal Worker Program (SWP) employee, under the agreement of entry the quarantine fee amount can be reduced on application.
  • If you travelled from New Zealand you should be exempt from mandatory quarantine. Provided you have not been anywhere other than New Zealand in the 14 days prior to travel, or you are an Australian returning from New Zealand within the period of 14 days.
infoImportant things to know

Information changes

NSW Government public health orders can change with limited notice due to the nature of the COVID-19 virus. You should read the information on the NSW Government website prior to requesting a fee waiver.

Be quick

You can apply for a waiver of the quarantine fees whilst in quarantine. If approved, you will not receive an invoice. Once an invoice is issued you have 30 days to pay or dispute the fee. If you are having trouble paying, a further 14 days can be approved to allow you to enter a payment plan.

Unable to Pay due to Financial Hardship

If you are unable to meet payment of the quarantine fees due to financial or personal circumstances, you can apply to Revenue NSW to write off the debt. You will be required to provide supporting evidence of your financial circumstances.

How to Apply

How to apply for a waiver of the quarantine fees

You can apply for a quarantine fee waiver using the Revenue NSW website, either when in quarantine or after an invoice is received.

You will need to provide the following documentation:

  • Proof of ID – such as passport / drivers licence / photo card
  • Purchase receipt for flights*
  • Flight booking confirmation from airline or travel agent *
  • Information detailing exemption such as diplomatic visa / PLS/ SWP employment visa

* Note that your documents must list all members of the group that landed in Sydney.

How to enter a payment arrangement

If you’re not exempt, but you cannot afford to pay your quarantine fees in a lump sum, you can enter into a payment arrangement. You will pay an agreed instalment amount on a fortnightly basis until the debt is paid. Contact Service NSW on 13 77 88.

How to apply for write off under financial hardship

You can apply to have your quarantine fee debt written off by submitting a letter to Revenue NSW by emailing to quarantinefee@revenue.nsw.gov.au.

We have created a helpful template you can use to apply. Make sure you carefully edit it with your own circumstances before submitting.

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cautionPlease don’t ignore your fine

If you do not take action by the due date you may pay more and be stopped from driving or using your car.