Get your fine reviewed

You can ask Revenue NSW for a review of the fine to make sure it was correctly issued.

If you think there was a mistake when the fine was issued, or there were other reasons that caused the offence, you can ask Revenue NSW for a review. Revenue NSW might cancel the fine, give you a warning, or reject your application.

When should you do this?
  • If you believe there was a mistake made by issuing the fine to you
  • If you believe the fine should be given to someone else
  • If you believe there are exceptional circumstances which mean you should not pay the fine
  • If you have special circumstances
infoImportant things to know

You were the driver but don’t own the vehicle

If you have received a fine that was issued to a vehicle which you were driving, you must nominate yourself as the driver before you can dispute the fine. Self -nomination of a fine can be completed through the Revenue NSW website.

Make it count

You can only apply for review of a fine once. It is a good idea to get legal advice before sending in your application for review, especially if you are concerned about loss of demerit points or your licence. Legal assistance is also available to review or contest fines issued under the NSW Public Health Orders relating to breach of COVID-19 restrictions.

Keeping your options open

If your review is rejected there are options available for payment of the fine debt. If you are concerned about demerit points or loss of your licence, there may also be other options available to you. You should get legal advice.

Be Prepared

When you apply to have your fine reviewed Revenue NSW may decide that your dispute can only be resolved by a Magistrate in a Local Court. If you want to further dispute the fine you will have until the due date on the penalty reminder notice to elect to have the matter heard in court (link to Court election page). It is often a good idea to get legal advice before lodging a court election. Once processed you will receive a court attendance notice, which cannot be withdrawn, and you will need to go to court.

How to apply

You can apply for a review by writing to Revenue NSW or completing a submission online. Revenue NSW’s contact details are on the fine.

You will need to be the person named on the notice. You may be required to provide details from the penalty notice. You will also be required to provide your personal details so that Revenue NSW can identify you.

You will need to explain why you think the fine should be reviewed.

There are internal guidelines that Revenue NSW follow when you request an internal review. Your fine will be placed on hold during the review process. If they refuse your review they are required to let you know. 

Review assist provides details of when a fine will be reviewed and the supporting documentation you need to support a review. 

You can only apply for review of a fine once. It is a good idea to get legal advice before sending in your application, especially if you are concerned about loss of demerit points or your licence.

If your fine relates to a breach of COVID-19 restrictions under the NSW Public Health Orders you should get legal advice before seeking a review or contesting the fine.

How it works

Make review application

  • Write to Revenue NSW, explaining why the fine should be reviewed
  • Apply for review online through Revenue NSW 

Revenue NSW reviews fine

Revenue NSW may decide to:

  • cancel the fine
  • or change the fine to warning
  • or reject application

Further action

If your application for review is rejected, you can choose to:

  • pay the fine by the new due date
  • or ask for payment plan or extension of time to pay
  • or challenge the decision in the Local Court

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cautionPlease don’t ignore your fine

If you do not take action by the due date you may pay more and be stopped from driving or using your car.