Get enforcement of your fines reviewed

You can apply to have enforcement action on your fine cancelled. This is called “enforcement review”

An enforcement review can be completed if you received notice of the following actions:

  • Licence suspension or registration cancellation
  • A Sheriff Notice to take your goods
  • Garnishee of funds from your bank account

We recommend you get free legal advice from LawAccess before you apply for enforcement review.

When should you do this?
  • If you are experiencing acute economic hardship and are unable to pay your fine.
  • You didn’t know you had the fine and you’ve kept your address up to date with Service NSW.
  • You have exceptional circumstances. This depends on your individual situation so you may need to get free legal advice.
  • You don’t think you should have got the fine.
infoImportant things to know

You need proof

You need to show why you were unable to deal with the overdue fine before the due date and why the action should be reversed or cancelled.

Get Advice

You can get legal advice before you apply for an enforcement review. Driving with a suspended licence or in an unregistered vehicle may result in more fines.

Be Careful

Revenue NSW can continue enforcement action throughout the life cycle of a fine. If enforcement action is reversed or cancelled, you must make arrangements to deal with the fine.

How to apply for enforcement review

Contact Revenue NSW.

How it works

Make review application

  • In most circumstances the matter will be resolved over the phone. If a written application is needed, Revenue NSW will give you more information.

Review of application

Revenue NSW may decide to:

  • Reverse or cancel the enforcement action and put the fine on hold to allow you time to consider other review options
  • Reverse or cancel the enforcement action if you start a payment plan or consider a Work and Development Order.
  • Reject your application.

Further action

If your application for review is rejected, you can choose to:

  • Pay the fine. 
  • Seek legal assistance.

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cautionPlease don’t ignore your fine

If you do not take action by the due date you may pay more and be stopped from driving or using your car.