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Revenue NSW processes and manages fines for 250 organisations in NSW. 

They process fines and fees for local councils, NSW Police, Sydney Trains, hospitals, universities, and various statutory boards and trusts.

They collect ambulance fees for the Ambulance Service of NSW and other government agencies.

They issue penalties directly for camera-detected offences, such as speeding, driving through a red light, and driving in a bus lane.

They also investigate, issue notices and prosecute anyone lodging false nominations, or failing to nominate drivers for demerit point offences.

When to contact Revenue NSW

If you have received a fine in NSW

infoImportant things to know

Information about your fine and your options

If you’ve been issued a fine in NSW, or you must pay a fee, Revenue NSW can provide you with information about your fine or fee and your options.

How to contact Revenue NSW

You can call Revenue NSW on 1300 138 118 if you are in Australia or on  +612 7808 6940 if you are calling from overseas.

The operating hours are from 7:30am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday.

You can also contact Revenue NSW in writing by mail or email or use the online service myPenalty.

For more information, go to the Revenue NSW website.

What to do

Collect your fines together

  • Group your fines together by stage (penalty notice, penalty reminder notice, overdue fine) or organise them by due date: put the most urgent on the top of the pile
  • You can also get details about your fines from Revenue NSW.

Collect supporting information

If you have other information that proves that you shouldn’t have got some of your fines, collect that too. It may be things like:

  • Proof that you weren’t the driver/responsible person of your car when the fine was issued or that you haven’t committed the offence
  • A doctor’s letter proving that you have a special circumstance that means you shouldn’t have got the fine 
  • A letter from a social worker explaining what your situation is
  • Bank statements or evidence of your income
  • Other evidence that means you can’t pay the fine

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cautionPlease don’t ignore your fine

If you do not take action by the due date you may pay more and be stopped from driving or using your car.